Snow Day

monday was a snow day. we only have one child in school, but it did mean she got to stay home for the day. keep in mind she is also only in preschool, so it was only a half day missed. regardless i wanted to do some sort of craft with her. with easter coming next month i thought an easter craft would be fun. looking back a st. patrick’s day craft would have made more sense, but we can always do that next week. anyway, after searching pinterest i found the cutest salt dough eggs to make. then i realized they take 2 hours to bake. clearly not going to work for an excited 4 year old waiting to craft. she loves crafting. i decided to let her pick by looking at the pictures on the computer. of course she first picked several things we didn’t have the supplies for. eventually she decided on an easter chick. perfect. it was cute and would bring some spring cheer on a cold snowy day. we just happened to have a small yellow paper plate in the pantry to use. i gathered the other supplies and we got to work while the other 2 girls played nearby uninterested in what we were doing.


ellasyn did a great job scrunching up the tissue paper and gluing it on. she was excited to use glue. after the ‘feathers’ were set she chose the big googly eyes. we completed it with an orange construction paper nose and orange pipe cleaner feet. it was a fun and simple craft to keep us busy inside on a snowy day. we tend to do a lot of crafts during the winter months. keeping 3 little ones busy inside all day becomes challenging. MakingChick(1)0314



what things do you do to keep busy inside during the winter?

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